The Brexit Wargame is a simulation designed to give insight into the shape of the eventual agreement between the UK and the EU.

It looks beyond the early 2019 crisis surrounding the short-term Brexit ‘deal’ and to the future of UK-EU relations.

The Brexit Wargame is for decision-makers and business owners who need to understand the ‘new normal’ in order to make successful future plans. Integrating wargame insights into structured strategy development helps ensure that planning is based on potential realities rather than bias and media narratives.

Participants will come away from the wargame with a deep, intuitive understanding of the factors which are creating the post-Brexit future, and the near-future relationship betwen the UK and EU leading to an eventual Preferential Trade Agreement.

The game is conducted over half a working day, and proceeds in three one-hour iterations. It is designed to be played with three sides: the UK, the EU and the Rest of the World.
Nusbacher Associates is seeking participants with understanding of political and commercial realities and an interest in putting strategic insights into practice.

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